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Baby Angel

I will close my eyes

I will never ask 

About the days gone

About the days to come

My lust is demanding

And my lust commands

In the flood of my tears

A game of love and trust


You showed me a path

But it doesn᾽t lead to you

You gave me a prayer

But you cannot heal my wound

Your kiss takes me home

Your touch turns me divine

I just wish I could rest

In your arms for a while 


My wild sweet baby angel

My hunger, my thirst

My wild sweet baby angel

My desire, my flesh


And when I fall from grace

I hurt and pay the price

As I watch you go

And I can᾽t cross the line

So I᾽ll just close my eyes

So I᾽ll never ask

You know I do bleed

But yet I will stand

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