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Born in Heraklion/Crete, but soon after living in Athens/Greece, Daphne firstly threw herself abound the stage as the frontwoman of the cult new wave/minimal synth, post-punk band Alive She Died. Interestingly enough, it was a cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control” – which was included in Alive She Died’s single self-released tape titled Viva Voce – that was selected by the fashion brand Gucci, for their Cruise 2016 Campaign. Since April 2021, the film is screened at the Gucci Garden museum in Florence/Italy, and also within the Museum Virtual Tour via the museum’s website.

Since Alive She Died, Daphne went on fronting the bands Trespass, Atria, and Atria the Project, occupying a region respectively ranging from new wave to electro to alternative-rock genres.

What remains intact throughout all her performances, is a voice characterized by emotional intensity and lyrics dealing with the imperfections and the fragile side of the human nature, darkness and light, love and trouble, fear and faith – all covered by a sense of melancholic victory over them.


While freelancing as a voice-over artist, in the right here and now, Daphne is in the recording studio working on new songs, all wearing an alternative-rock outfit concealed by an urban-romantic authentic essence.

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